Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Bored...Now What?

I am a brand new home schooling mom. I started home schooling my 5-year-old son early in January 2012. He was having "behavioral" issues, according to his Kindergarten teacher. After much prayer, I decided to pull him out of school and try home schooling.

I was really excited at first! I couldn't wait to come up with creative ways to teach science and math and history. I spent lots of time researching curriculums and also talking with other home schooling moms I know. Our first few weeks went fairly smooth, both of us were engaged, and enjoying the time learning together.

But now, six weeks into it, we are both bored. My son asks, "How many worksheets do we have to do today, mom?" Um, I think he hates worksheets. LOL.  But, I feel like I don't know any other way to teach math, and practice handwriting, except by using worksheets! I'm just as bored, sitting at the table, watching him s-l-o-w-l-y write each painstaking sentence. Did I mention how slow he is?

Anyway, I had a breakdown last week and felt like giving up. "You're going back to school!" I yelled at him out of frustration. "I can't do this anymore!" We both sat there in tears for awhile. Eventually, I called another home schooling mom and shared my frustrations with her. She listened, without judgement and offered some creative ideas for teaching kindergarteners. She has three children, and years of home schooling experience.

I thank God for the numerous home schooling moms He has brought into my life. I realize after talking with a couple of them, they all get frustrated sometimes, even after years of home schooling. The lesson I learned this week, was that sometimes, the lessons learned while home schooling, have nothing to do with academia, and everything to do with life.

I sat down with my son and apologized for my behavior. I explained to him why mommy was frustrated. I told him that I want both of us to love to learn -- together. My son got to see that mommy has hard times too... and that mommy, worked through them. I always tell my children to never, ever give up. Today, I took my own advice.